Arabian Telecom provides Internet Service technology delivers secured and high-speed connection to meet our customer's needs. Our team is expert in designing connectivity solutions, DIA (Dedicated Internet Access), We Provide:

• DIA (Dedicated Internet Access)
• Fiber Connectivity.
• Wireless Connection.
• Satellite Services - V.Sat
• Point-to-Point Connection. - P2P
• Point-to-Multi-Points Connection. - P2MP

Arabian Telecom CLOUD Service leverages our
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), a single scalable
integrated system with network and compute
virtualization and dynamic resource provisioning
and DDoS protected. We delivers all the benefits of
proactive, real-time abstract physical infrastructure
in an assured environment with upwards of 99%
uptime, without the need to deploy and manage
physical server and software at end-user's site.
With high SECURITY & easy MANAGEMENT. We
are partner of SWASCAN for Security Solutions in
Saudi Arabia.

We Provide all types of ground service/hardware
for data centers and servers rooms.:
Facility – A high emphasis service design to
optimize white space and environmental control to
keep equipment within manufacturer-specified
temperature/humidity range.

• Support infrastructure
• Uninterruptible Power Sources (UPS)
• Environmental Control
• Physical Security Systems
• IT equipment
• Operations staff