Fast & Reliable Internet Connection

Arabian Telecom is a leading Connectivity Solution Designers offering all the back-end connectivity services you will ever need. Add any Case design to power any enterprises, or professional services agency.


Designing a Unique Connectivity Solution for Each Remote Site.

With our qualified telecom engineers who would look everywhere to find the best connection for each client’s site, with lowest cost and most stable medium.



Arabian Telecom provide cost effective solutions
that can be combined together create unique and powerful
solutions without any extra cost.


We give the service that you will install and forget
our team will take the task for life job
and customize and preview changes in real-time.

Arabian Telecom Services & Solutions:


Dedicated Internet Access

Arabian Telecom provide all types of dedicated internet access through Fiber, Wireless Point-to-Point or any other communication means that reaches the end user site.


Virtual Private Servers

Secured purpose-built hosted servers, to help customer to avoid the data center's hard work & high cost with lot of services and feature combinations you might need.


Integration Services

Designed & Qualified IT integration services to meet customer satisfaction, to apply all end user needs. We study and design technical solutions and turn-key projects.


technical support

Arabian Telecom Technical support team and ready and tuned to get your call and give ground troubleshooting. We monitor all our links and running services, to keep evrything up.


we cover you

IP – Based CCTV surveillance and NVR system. Security Networks Integrations. Fire Alarm System. Interactive touch display system. Under Vehicle surveillance system.

Internet VPN

virtual private networking

Are you looking to connect all your branches/sales points through internet; back-end and preview your changes across all sites? you just arrived to th right place.

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Client & Partner Use Arabian Telecom Service


Technical Designs & Features

We continue to expand across a broad range of industries as we leverage our expertise and advanced technology to meet all needs of these customers
from remote offices, support mobile connectivity, providing high-speed
access anywhere in Saudi Arabia.

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