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About Us

We Are Different ...

Arabian Telecom is a leading Saudi company works in technology filed; IT & Telecom, a communication solutions designer for enterprises at lowest cost & highest quality. The company has a large customer base in Kingdom and the GCC. Our team of highly trained engineers and a 24-hour technical support team to ensure the quality of service provided to our customers. We sign new contracts every year, because of our experience in IT & telecommunications field, and our distinguished relations with clients across Saudi Arabia.

Why arabian telecom?

We uniquely work to deliver IT & Internet service/ connectivity to urban & remote areas by studying the best available means of communication at the lowest price. The company has succeeded in operating several projects for major oil companies in places where it was not believed to be connected to the Internet. Arabian Telecom provides the fastest delivery time for the equipment, relying on keeping sufficient stock in our warehouses to avoid delays in critical projects. As for the company's relationship with suppliers and distributors, the Indirect Sales Team works with distributor continuously to achieve the highest end-user access with all advanced communication and display methods.